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EMS sells second-hand scanning electron microscope and accessories at very attractive prices with the performance you need.

We mainly stock Thermofisher SEMs and FIBs, although we also have access to other brands through our network of partners.

The instruments are purchased on the second-hand market, then reconditioned and tested in our workshop in the Grenoble area.
The process is as follows:


Critical components inspected, dismantled, cleaned and replaced if necessary


The instruments are wired and tested in the workshop according to OEM specifications to meet customer requirements.


Securing the machine prior to shipment by lorry to the site and final acceptance test with the customer


After a 6-month guarantee, we take care of the maintenance of your microscope or you can call on the OEM.
Our equipment for sale
We have chosen to sell only the most reliable brands, in particular Thermofisher, which remains the undisputed leader in the DualBeam market. Below is a list of instruments currently on sale

Quanta 3D FEG

Sirion XL30


Quanta 400

Tescan Vega 3

EDS Oxford

Our accessories on sale
EMS offers second-hand accessories on a case-by-case basis: detectors, nanomanipulators, EDS, EBSD, etc.

EDS Oxford

Omniprobe 200

EDS Oxford

Any special requests?